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The support staff at Sleepy Cat Jewelry is comprised of four (yes 4) sleepy cats, a labrador retriever and a chihuahua mix. All pets were rescued and adopted from shelters or, in Buttercup's case, a very cold backyard one winter day. They provide inspiration, moral support and good snuggles. I don't bring them to shows but ask me about them and I can show you more pictures and tell you a lot of stories. I also rely on the help of my husband, two children, my Mom, in-laws and a number of close and dear friends to help me accomplish not only show setup and sales but also with a number of daily tasks. Of course, I also have you, my customers, to thank for your support and some really great ideas. A lot of the creative spark is generated from conversations with my customers! I always welcome your comments and suggestions. You can use my contact us page to reach out to me or e-mail me at

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About Us

My name is Carolyn Jones and I’m the artist behind Sleepy Cat Jewelry. Each design is made by hand by me from start to finish. Often a design will start as a simple sketch on paper. This means that no design is ever mass-produced and, very often, will be the only one of its kind. Unlike jewelry that is made by machines and computers, Sleepy Cat Jewelry is something special. Each piece has its own character and soul. 

As a jewelry artist, I work with wire and sheet metal because of the amazing depth and texture that can be achieved by using metal working, wire wrapping and wire weaving techniques. I can transform the most simple materials into a treasure that will be enjoyed and worn for years to come. 

I find my inspiration in nature and classic patterns. Themes such as birds, trees, flowers, animals, ocean life, hearts and spirals appear in my creations using my favorite materials of copper or sterling silver wire and semi-precious stones. As I work on a piece, adding texture and details, it often develops a life of its own and takes me down new roads in the creative process.

My work is described as earthy, organic and eclectic and I hope it brings you as much joy wearing it as it does for me in the creation of it. To order, visit my store at or contact me at I also sell at various juried art and craft shows during the spring, summer and fall months. Check my Facebook page to see where you can find me next!

A little bit about me: I took my first wire wrapping class in 2012 and fell in love with the idea of creating jewelry. A couple of years later I took a workshop on metalsmithing and learned the basics of sawing, filing, hammering, soldering and finishing metal jewelry. Since then I continue my education through workshops, books, online tutorials and basic hands-on experience (or one of those “what happens if I do this?” moments). My favorite tool is any kind of hammer. I really enjoy using them to shape and add texture to the metal. I also love "playing with fire," being able to fuse and solder my designs has opened up a whole new world of creating for me!

I live in Medford, NJ with my husband, children, 4 cats and 2 dogs. I love where I live with all of its lakes, natural preserves and hiking trails and that it’s only a quick drive away from the ocean! Living in this area of NJ provides me with plenty of inspiration for my designs.