Sleepy Cat Jewelry by Carolyn Jones

Thank you for visiting! Sleepy Cat Jewelry is designed and created by Carolyn Jones from her studio in Medford, NJ. The jewelry is created by hand from sheet metal and wire using basic tools like hammers, saws, pliers and a torch. Inspiration comes from nature such as trees, flowers, the sky and ocean, animals, and classic symbols like hearts and spirals. Each piece is infused with the creator's joy and happiness of observing and capturing nature's beauty and magic.

2019 Shows - Where to Find Sleepy Cat Jewelry

Just 2 shows left before the end of the year!
Dec 7&8 Ellarslie Holiday Boutique Trenton, NJ

December 13,14,15 Sauce for the Goose Princeton, NJ
 Of course, you can always shop online at

Visit Sleepy Cat Jewelry on Facebook the week of each event to get specifics on my booth location, show times, etc. or send me an email